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I’m Gemma, Cosmetic Nurse Specialist (RN NIP)

I specialise in performing medical skin treatments for ageing and troublesome skin concerns

My mission is to help you look and feel the best version of yourself, radiating happiness and confidence.

I believe we all deserve youthful, beautiful, healthy looking skin, and I will use my knowledge and expertise to help you achieve this.

You’re in safe hands

With a medical nursing career spanning 20 years, operating at senior level, you can be sure I possess extensive medical experience and knowledge.

Having trained with industry leaders, I practice in the field of cosmetics at advanced level and work to standards of excellence. I also hold an independent prescribing qualification. This means under UK regulatory law, I can prescribe medications within my specialty in the exact same way a doctor does.

I am a national UK Trainer for a highly regarded cosmetic training company, teaching Doctors, Nurses and dentists who are new to the field of cosmetics, or who require further mentoring.

Quality product choice

A topic I’m ultra passionate about! I will only work with products that are of the upmost quality. My clients health and wellbeing is of the utmost priority.  Every product I work with is thoroughly researched for its effectiveness and FDA approved safety record.

Worried anti-ageing treatments can look obvious?

I understand choosing the right practitioner to look after your face can feel very daunting. Fearful that you may end up looking like someone else, or like the horror stories you see in the media.

Rest assured I am highly aware of the classic overdone look.  I only work with clients who embrace their looks and don’t want to change them.  They just want to hold on to what they have and slow down the effects of time or environmental damage, in a very natural subtle way.  The end result being that no one can put their finger on why you’re looking so well!

I’m proud to have developed a reputation for being able to achieve this and for providing undetectable injectables, if that’s the route a client should choose.   I aim to help you look classy not trashy! Polished, fresh, rejuvenated, healthy and youthful.

Are you spending endless amounts of money on treatments and products that don’t deliver? 

In my treatment menu and skincare store you won’t find realms of choice. You will find a select few treatments that I know work well and I have mastered, not the latest industry fad! Within the skincare store each product is handpicked for it’s positive results and feedback gained from clients within my clinic.

What sets Gemma apart?

My listed treatments and products deliver phenomenal results but I strongly believe to look and feel the best version of your self, you should be treated as a whole. Think medical meets holistic, that’s where I bridge the gap.

I offer a unique service that you won’t find in your average skin clinic, salon or wellbeing centre, the difference being, I sit at the intersection of them all.  I am also a qualified Yoga teacher and health coach.  I have adapted my range of services i offer to reflect this.

I genuinely care

Each and every one of my clients is special to me and I consider it a privilege to work with them.  I live by the motto treat people like you wish to be treated and I strive to give a high quality personal service.  My wish is to have happy clients who feel complete trust and ease with me.

I am extremely proud of my high volume of repeat custom. I work from the heart and will only carry out treatments and recommend products and services that I feel will make a difference and add genuine benefit.  Please take a look at my recent client testimonials.

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