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No two skins are the same! Why would their cream be?

For those of you who read my last feature, I explained how using creams and cleansers with the wrong ingredients could actually age your skin, cause or aggravate skin problems. Quick recap Your skin is naturally very clever and designed to protect and keep you healthy. Using incorrect products with harmful ingredients can interfere with the natural skin cycle, leading to a break down in the skin’s defenses causing: – Premature ageing – Uneven skin tone – Sensitivity – Pigmentation – Increase in dryness or oil Problem 1 Many over the counter creams, whether purchased from a supermarket, high street or designer store don’t contain ingredients potent enough to penetrate the skin and make a real difference. If they did they would be prescription based. Solution This is where medical grade products, also known as cosmeceuticals can make a real difference. This type of skin care is prescribed or given under the direction of your medical practitioner (me!) Problem 2 Many creams are mixed with unhelpful skin ingredients, such as emulsifiers, perfumes and preservatives, to name a few. This confuses your poor skin and sadly undoes any good that may have been done. Let me give you an example You wake up and jump in the shower. When dried, your skin feels tight, so you reach for your daily moisturiser. You apply and your skin feels instantly soothed and nourished. During the day the skin begins to feel tight again and you reach for your cream. This could be face, hand or body cream. The cream isn’t helping your dryness, it’s causing it! Known as the wash out effect,...

Could your cleanser be ageing you?  

Have you ever wandered into to a department store and felt bamboozled with the array of choice available when it comes to skin care products? Even what should be seen as a simple purchase, such as buying something to clean your skin, can turn in to a minefield! The sales assistants often tell us lots of conflicting advice and sadly many of us leave a store with our heads spinning, having felt pressured into making an often-costly purchase. A few weeks in, the product doesn’t meet expectations and ends up next to the other half used bottles on the bathroom shelf. As you may know, I’m not employed by a specific skincare company and therefore have no interest in pushing their claims. For me, products need to be backed by how I understand the physiology of the skin works. The ingredients contained in a product need to respect, enhance and assist this process. So lets get to the facts! To put it simply there is no special ritual that must be performed when it comes to cleaning your skin. The job of a cleanser is to simply remove the grime and makeup of the day, without causing any harm to the skin in the process. My cleanser can cause harm I hear you say! Sadly the answer is yes. Removing your makeup with a product that contains the wrong ingredients can cause, or aggravate the following skin conditions, making the skin appear more aged and unhealthy looking: Redness & Sensitivity Congestion and outbreaks Sun sensitivity / pigmentation Uneven texture, lines and wrinkles More dryness or oil production This is...