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The Perfect Peel

The name says it all. The perfect peel is a revolutionary peel that will transform your skin to look younger, healthier and clearer in just 1 week. This peel must only be applied by a trained medical professional and the manufacturers have stipulated that each treating clinic is picked for its professional suitability. There are several key elements that make this peel unique: It can be used on all skin types Depending on what condition is being treated, no pre peel skin preparation is necessary It is the only peel to contain the key anti ageing ingredient glutathionone. An ultimate anti oxidant known as a preventer of damage to important cellular components caused by free radicals. Our bodies naturally produce glutathionone, but as we age, levels deplete due to environmental factors. So lets get to the exciting part – what does The Perfect Peel do? Classed as a medium depth peel, it contains a blend of different acids and vitamins, each with a specific function, to produce phenomenal results, giving: Improved texture and overall tone Lighter and brighter skin Reduction and removal of sun damage Reduced pore size Softening of fine lines and wrinkles Reduction of hyperpigmentation and scarring Stimulation of collagen production, resulting in firmer, tighter skin        Video Demonstration To see the benefits for myself I undertook this treatment on my training day. I’m now 1 week post peel and I’m loving the results already. The following is my video demonstration: The following FAQ’S have been put together, which hopefully should answer any further questions you may have.   How many treatments are necessary for...

Causing Injury to the skin can make you look younger!

It might sound strange but it’s true, granted it’s not the kind of injury resulting from a nasty accident, but letting a trained medical health professional needle the skin until it’s slightly traumatised is a safe, effective way to gain smoother, plumper more radiant, healthy looking skin! This procedure known as micro needling has been around for many years. Can you believe forms of it can be traced back as far as ancient Egyptian times? Various versions are available nowadays, but in my practice I choose to use the Genuine Dermaroller device. My reasons being: It is a CE marked medical device. A mark which ensures patient safety It is German engineered, ensuring the upmost quality and precision It’s a Gold Aesthetics award winner Most importantly Genuine Dermaroller is only available to trained medical professionals and registered clinics, thus upholding standards of practice Please be warned, purchasing rollers from the internet would not ensure this kind of safety to your skin. So what is Dermaroller? There are two treatment devices available. The first device resembles a mini hand held paint roller that has tiny needle columns on the end. These needles measure only millimeters in length. The second is a new electrical version. Shaped more like a pen, ideal for treating hard to reach areas. The needles are rolled over the skin in a precise way, creating channels into the dermis. By causing injury to the skin (in a controlled medical way ) the aim is to get the skin to repair itself naturally by triggering the wound healing cascade. This trigger stimulates the cells to produce collagen production...