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You Are What You Eat

The forever living range On a daily basis I’m asked what foods and nutritional supplements are beneficial for the skin. I’m fortunate to have extensive health promotional knowledge with my nursing background and I can easily answer this question based in an ideal world. Ideal days where mornings are carefree, instead of 100mph with school runs and long busy commutes to work. Our days can be so full that many of us barely have time to brush our hair, put on a little makeup and make nourishing food from scratch. In The ideal skin day we’d awake refreshed after 8-10 hours undisturbed sleep to a cup of hot water and lemon, moving on to exercise to reduce stress levels and improve our feeling of well being for the day ahead. This would be finished off with a fresh green cold pressed juice. Throughout the day we’d eat an abundance of colourful, fresh fruits and vegetables, good fats to plump and hydrate the skin such as oily fish, avocados, olives, almonds, along with seeds, pulses and lentils. At night we’d apply the correct active ingredients to our skin. Although I do think it’s achievable to incorporate elements of this into our week, sticking to it religiously every day with such busy lives can feel unobtainable, I do this for a living but running a business with 2 kids, I struggle! Disappointment kicks in and we easily slip back to our old food habits. In the past I’ve pointed clients down the route of supplementing with vital skin nutrients in the form of non-food synthetic vitamins, via the health food store....