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The Clean 9 : Lose weight, feel fitter and look better in 9 days

I’m a huge advocate of ‘you are what you eat’, or even more so ‘you are what you absorb’. For your body to function at It’s optimum, it needs to be given the correct amount of vitamins, minerals and amino acids in combination with the right foods that help the body absorb these nutrients. Nourishing the the body correctly will not only help you become leaner with better skin, hair and nails, it will also feed the brain to make you feel brighter in mood and more energised. The Clean 9 is a 9-day cleanse aimed to help kick start a healthier, slimmer you. The main elements of the Clean 9 are: Calorie control, with free foods allowed Increased water intake Aloe Vera gel drinks – natures own super nutrient packed food Natural supplements for weight, Garcinia and Therm Protein drinks Gentle exercise Please rest assured the supplements given for weight during this cleanse are not synthetic diet tablets, which are often amphetamine based. Garcinia used in the cleanse is derived from a south Asian tree and has been used for centuries throughout Asia. It inhibits an enzyme, which converts calories into fat, encouraging the burning of existing fat stores whilst breaking down sugars to be used for energy. Garcinia also contains good fats, which help protect the heart, regulating blood pressure and cholesterol levels. The second supplement ‘Therm’ contains a special selection of vitamins, such as b12 and C, which in combination help raise core body temperature, speeding up metabolism to burn fat faster. Aloe Vera gel in the form of a drink contains an abundance of essential...

Festive Facials

  It might surprise some of you to know that although a proportion of my work involves the use of needles, I’ve been using my magic hands for a long time on clients to perform prescriptive facials. Resulting in brighter, smoother, hydrated, plumper looking skin. Not to be confused with beautician facials, I am still working with medical grade skin care, so you can be sure optimum ingredient levels, penetration of active ingredients in to the skin making a noticeable difference. These facials are an important step in maintenance of the skin at 4-6 weekly intervals, an ideal way to compliment other procedures or as a boost before a special event. The 45-minute facial involves the following steps: Removal of impurities through gentle cleansing and massage. Application of a mask like enzyme peel. The peel gently sloughs and removes build up of excess skin cell keratinization, which makes the skin appear dull and rough in appearance and touch. Active ingredients, specific to your needs are then blended together and topically applied to the fresh, smooth skin. Facial massage is performed to encourage blood flow to the surface of the skin and improve tone. An algae spirulina formulation mask is applied to the skin for 15 -20 minutes. This aids deeper penetration of the applied active ingredients. Helps to calm, soothe and tighten the skin. A prescriptive base is applied to the skin. Prescriptive facials retail at £75 but for the month of December are currently on offer for £50. Call 01422 385265 or email to book your...