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The costly mistakes that are giving you a serious case of the crows!

The saying goes ‘The eyes are the windows of the soul’. But have you been looking in the mirror recently thinking more along the lines of old soul? Rest assured, you’re not the only one! In fact I’d estimate 90% of women who walk through my clinic door are concerned about their ageing eye area. The most common complaints are: Crows feet – The lines that extend at the sides of the eyes when we smile appearing more prominent. These lines may have become present on the skin when the face is at rest. Crepey under eye skin – The skin under the eye’s become less taught and supple, appearing saggy and crinkly. Eye bags – The under eye area has become puffy with fluid retention. Hollowing and dark circles – Eyes are appearing more inset and dark shadows are more evident. Upper eye skin feels heavier – The skin above the eye lid has stated to drop, making you appear more tired and annoyingly causing applied eyeliner to smudge on to the eye lid. In a nutshell, the eye area is often the first place you’ll see the signs of ageing due to the following: The skin around the eye is thinner in nature and contains no oil glands for lubrication. The eye is an area of repeated expression. Think how often you use your eye muscle each day when smiling and squinting. Did you know that people with green and blue eyes are naturally more sensitive to sunlight, causing them to squint more than brown eyed people? Quick self test To test the resilience and elasticity of the...