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The Super Skin Powers of the Humble Snail

We’ve all heard of the latest fads and crazes in skincare. Snake venom, placentas and even foreskin to name a few! These fads seem to come and go and in my opinion will never replace the time tested methods of evidence based medical skincare ingredients such as Retinol, antioxidants and sunscreen, but I’m always open to new suggestions. Last month I was presented with what at first sounded like the next fad, SNAIL SECRETIONS. Now before you spit out your cuppa, bear with me… After reading the evidence and research studies along with seeing digital before and after images of patients, there really is something to it. The product range in question doesn’t refer to the trail of slime the snail leaves behind and most importantly not any breed of snail. The secretions come from the cryptomaphalus aspersa snail and the natural active protein /amino acid this snail secretes at times of tissue damage and stress for repair. The snail’s natural growth factor contains a complex of amino acids, peptides, proteins and anti oxidants. I’m assured that no snails are harmed in the process of gaining secretions. Two colleagues have been lucky enough to visit the snail farm in question and have confirmed this. So why animal growth factors? The use of animal growth factors mean the product isn’t man made and the closest you can get to human growth factors. The use of human growth factors such as placenta and foreskin is not permitted under the EU directive. So how does the snail secretion typically help the skin? It stimulates: Fibroblasts Keritinocytes Collagen Elastin Blood supply and skin...