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Light Medical Skin Peels

This week I want to show you a video of one of my lovely clients undertaking a light medical skin peel. Light peels are a great way to freshen up the skin, improving radiance, tone and texture. I like to think of them as an essential part of skin maintenance, the same way you would a facial. This is because these type of peels can be undertaken frequently throughout the year. They’re also fabulous for skin that’s prone to congestion, blackheads and spots. Combining light peels with an individualised medical grade skin care routine, will help you to age well for your years. Your makeup will look better when sitting on a smooth fresh complexion and people will comment that you’re looking well. The best thing about light peels is that they have very little down time. Makeup can be applied as normal the day after, yet they still deliver RESULTS! Optimal results show around 4 to 5 weeks post peel, although the skin will look brighter before. I tell my clients to ditch the over the counter exfoliants as they only move the dead skin cell build up around the face, without removing adequately. The link to the video is below, if you feel it would be of benefit to a friend, please feel free to...

Eat Your Way to Glowing, Plump Healthy Skin

My secret confession – When I’m at the supermarket checkout buying food I peek at what the person in front is buying and look at their skin. Sad I know, but I can’t help it! I guess I’m forever studying factors that affect the look of our skin. Although genetics does plays a part in our skin story, one of the major influences is our diet and lifestyle. It’s a huge topic to cover so today I’m going to focus on one fruit, that if consumed more frequently on a weekly basis, would result in improving the quality of your skin, fast! The fruit in question is avocado. Sometimes confused as a vegetable due to it’s green colour, the humble avocado is packed full to the brim with skin and health boosting nutrients. Nutrients such as: High amounts of monounsaturated fats, also known as ‘good fats’. Good fats help raise the beneficial heart protecting cholesterol in our blood. This helps to lower our bad cholesterol, the kind that sticks to our artery walls, increasing the risk of heart disease and stroke. The good fats contained in avocados have the effect of nourishing our skin, helping restore hydration levels, whilst reducing skin irritation and redness through cell repair. Vitamin E. Vitamin E helps to reduce internal inflammation – the biggest cause of skin ageing and also acts as an antioxidant, protecting our skin from the suns harmful rays. Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps protect from free radical damage from the environment and UV exposure. It also helps with the formation of collagen and elastin, helping to keep our skin supple...