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The 5 Most Common Botox® Misconceptions

1. I’ve had Botox ® but you can still see a line. Gemma’s explanation :  Botox® injections will only work on wrinkles in motion. In other words, lines that appear when you frown, smile, or raise your eyebrows. If you look in the mirror and can see visible lines when your face is rested and not expressing, then you have static lines.  Botox® will not get rid of these type of lines, only at best soften. Gemma’s solution : I’m clear about setting expectations with clients during consultation. This means highlighting static lines, poor skin quality and Botox® limitations. Also the fact that the client may still be able to see the lines after treatment. The key is complete honesty forming a relationship with clients going forward. This means working out a clear treatment strategy going forward. For instance, I may be able to treat these stubborn lines of concern with additional or combinations of other treatments along with medical skincare regimes. Sometimes after having Botox ® treatments over several sessions, static lines soften fantastically. This is where the term ‘I’m having treatment for prevention’ came from. Whilst I don’t advocate treatment at a very young age, treating with lower doses and sensible time frames between each treatment, is an option for those starting in their 30’s. 2. I want to get rid of my lines but don’t want to be frozen. Gemma’s explanation : To soften or erase lines with Botox ®, there has to be some restriction in movement, that’s simply how Botox® works. Although it must be said that Botox® doesn’t actually freeze the muscle. It...

Introducing Our New Skincare Programs

Our new skincare programs bring together our entire range of handpicked favorite products into specific step-by-step home care programmes specifically aimed at delivering visible results when treating your skin concern. These structured prgrammes treat the following concerns: Skin ageing Pigmentation Acne Book in for your FREE skin analysis between the 20th of August 2015 and September 3rd 2015 and receive 10% off all our skin programme prices. Skin Regeneration Programme   The first step in skin regeneration. This programme is clinically proven to deliver significant skin rejuvenation in as little as 12 weeks. Targeting the signs of sundamage and skin ageing. This pack contains the following 3 products, with step by step daily instructions: Endocare Tensage concentrate serum x1 pack (10 vials) 50% SCA snail derived growth factor repair technology. To give the skin an intense rejuvenating boost Retriderm 0.5% x1 An advanced Vitamin A for skin regeneration Endocare Tensage cream x 1 A rich non-oily cream, containing snail derived SCA growth factor repair ingredients. Pigmentation Control Programme Clinically proven to reduce pigmentation in as little as 12 weeks. The ingredients in this programme work together to clear and brighten skin, giving a more even complexion. Working specifically on the melanin cycle, Melanin is what’s responsible for pigmenting the skin. This pack contains the following 3 products, with clear step by step instructions: Neoretin gel cream x 1 A cream gel containing ingredients which tackle pigmentation, as well as high level broad spectrum UVA /UVB protectant. Neoretin serum X 2 A high intensity serum with optimum levels of clinically proven, pigmentation control ingredients. BiRetix spot control programme A 24...