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Are Stubborn brown marks and an uneven skin tone ageing you?

Discover what’s gone wrong and how to rectify it. Part 1 Often the first images that spring to mind in an aged skin are wrinkles and sagging, but when the colour and evenness of our skin’s disrupted, it can actually be just,  if not more ageing. Healthy skin should appear even in tone and colour, feeling strong and plump to the touch. This luxury isn’t just confined to our youth. If we care for ourselves properly, healthy looking skin can be attainable through to advanced age. I’ve developed brown marks on my skin, what’s happening? To understand the answer it’s important to understand the vital role pigmentation plays in our skin. Very briefly, the skin cell responsible for pigment is called the Melanocyte. Under a microscope it looks like very much like an octopus. The pigment granule is known as melanin, which is partially responsible for determining our skin colour, whilst serving as a vital part of our skin barrier defence. Melanin production is ENTIRELY dependent on UVR exposure. UV Exposure sets off a chain reaction, stimulating the pituitary gland in our brain to produce a hormone that stimulates melanin. UV Light is energy and melanin in the skin either absorbs or neutralises it to reduce damage. Brown spots basically show us the response UVR exposure is creating on our skin and their appearance can mean too much damage too late. Once the damage is done disorganised chaos begins within the skin cells and normal melanin control is lost. The melanocyte begins to deposit more and more melanin, often passing pigment on to the wrong cells, cells which are...