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Skin Hydration & Glow Juices

I’m still shocked when I come across those who believe that what we fuel our body with, has no correlation with how we look on the outside, and more importantly, how we think and feel on the inside. Every single cell in our body needs to be given the right nutrients to do its job properly, skin cells included! We’ve been born into a world where nature supplies these vital nutrients in abundance all around us. As a skin and health specialist I believe it’s my duty to help you uncover all ways possible to look and feel your best and gain the maximum benefit from your treatments. The treatments I perform are a small part of the process of looking your best. I like to think of them as the final finishing touches, the same way a painter creates a work of art. With my experience I regularly help clients focus on making a shift with their lifestyle.  We all need a little support and guidance from time to time.  For instance, there may be the client who exercises and eats exceptionally well, but battles with stress and anxiety (extremely ageing).  Or the stressed out working mum, who has no time for herself. Self care, really makes THE BIGGEST difference! Everyone will want to know your secret and most importantly, you will look and feel amazing! This week I’m sharing two very simple juice recipes, that literally take 5 minutes to prepare.  For me juicing has always been a great way to get a hit of nutrients, quickly and conveniently, around the million things I have to do....

Struggling to find the right products to get rid of ageing brown spots? You may be making this one common mistake.

Welcome to part 2 on tackling pigmentation. For those who missed part 1 here’s the link covering: What’s pigmentation? Why it happens How to prevent it from happening in the future What clinical skin treatments are available in my clinic. This week I want to show you my top rated products, that, when used in combination with treatments, or on their own, deliver results. The most common mistake people make when buying skincare to tackle pigmentation, is opting for over the counter products as opposed to medical and here’s why! Medical skincare contains ingredients that are way more potent than department store products. This applies to designer high-end brands and regular high street products. Medical strength means the ingredients can penetrate deeper into the skin to bring about change and results. The high concentration of ingredients means that medical skincare can only be sold through a trained medical professional or issued on prescription. The results from medical skin care studies must also demonstrate safety, along with proven results. Over the counter products smell nice, feel great to apply and the packaging is fancy, but that my friends is where it all ends. So lets have a look at my two top medical skincare picks, which cut the mustard when it comes to reducing brown spots. Neoretin. Click here to purchase The Neoretin set consist of two products, a serum and gel cream. How it works The products contain a blend of medical strength retinol, skin lighteners and anti-inflammatories, along with advanced UV protection and moisturisation. This ensures all parts of the melanin production cycle are targeted. The clinical results...