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Introducing The Perfect A

As you probably know by now, I only entertain the use of products on my clients with superior, quality ingredients, that are researched and proven for their effectiveness. With skincare, it’s vital to understand that all skins differ, so what suits one, may not suit another. Some skins are sensitive, others extremely dry or oily. Then there’s acne / congestion prone skin,  skin that’s showing severe signs of ageing, or people with a combination of everything. Today i want to focus on skin that’s aged, showing visible signs of lines, sagging and sun damage. For people with these skin concerns the use of Vitamin A and Vitamin C is a must. The Perfect A cream is superior as it combines both. I want to highlight that Vitamin A comes in various forms and strengths. For instance the cream in your high street, advertising that it containing vitamin A, will be a lot less potent than one bought through a medical skin specialist. Then to take it a step further, one that your medical skin specialist stocks, will be slightly less potent than a Vitamin A they obtain on prescription for you.   Here’s a list of the different Vitamin A derivatives, starting with the most to least potent. Tretinoin, also known as retinoic acid – Obtained on prescription only Retinol – One step down. Often the most potent percentages stocked through a medical skin specialist. Still great but if the preperation is poor quality, then it can become unstable and less effective. Retinyl Palimate. The next stage down, so will take much longer to see results. Often used in creams...