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Introducing The Perfect C and Perfect Cleanser

In a recent blog, I talked about the Perfect A and its amazing benefits for ageing. click here to read. During the past couple of weeks, several clients and I have been road testing two new products from the Perfect range, The Perfect Cleanser and The Perfect C serum. So far they’re both getting a big thumbs up! But first here’s the low down on The Perfect Cleanser The Perfect Cleanser claims to deep cleanse without irritation, smoothing imperfections, exfoliating and boosting the complexions ability to renew itself, neutralising bacteria and free radicals. I particularly wanted to test this fact, as I’ve always been prone to skin that can easily become congested, suffering terribly in my younger years with acne. My skin can be on the oily side, so if I use a product too emulsifying, my pores can easily become clogged. To this day I always benefit from the light acids in varying skin peels. So how does the cleanser achieve what it claims? The cleanser contains an expert blend of acid and antioxidants. Azelaic acid found in the Cleanser is a naturally occurring acid, particularly useful in helping the skin to renew itself more quickly and reducing bacteria that cause pimples, blackheads and rosacea. The ingredient Willow bark, contains salicylic acid and BHA, a natural exfoliant, helping the skin to shed the build up of dead skin cells, keeping the pore clear. Antioxidants such as green tea, sugar cane, fruit extracts, vitamin E and aloe vera are useful in fighting free radical damage and inflammation, whilst helping to brighten and soothe the skin. I personally love the fact that...

Bringing you the best advanced techniques

Last week I was invited by the global pharmaceutical company Allergan to a two day master class in London. For those of you who don’t know, Allergan are the manufacturers of Botox and Juvederm Dermal Fillers, amongst other areas of specialism.   So why was this such a big deal? I don’t normally blow my own trumpet but it was a real confidence boost to know that out of the UK’s 3500 practitioners who use Allergan products, that I fell into the top 10% of elite injectors who were invited. Like any industry, there are certain people who you admire and look up to. Individuals who are thought leaders and industry pioneers, dedicated to their craft. These people help lead the way, shining the light for others in terms of skills, knowledge and best practice. In the world of cosmetics for me and countless others that pioneer is Dr Mauricio De Maio. Mauricio is a plastic surgeon originating from Brazil, who for the past 20 years has specialised in the treatment and education of non-surgical injectables. He helps other practitioners within the industry by lecturing around the world on techniques for best practice. To be given the opportunity to attend 2 days mastery with him was a big deal. I was fortunate to attend his two-day class last year, so this year was an in-depth follow up. So what did the 2 days involve? Over the 2 days we were introduced to five models ranging in age from mid thirties to mid sixties, all with different facial concerns and needs. We were taught different approaches in facial rejuvenation techniques and...