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Are your vulnerabilities being exploited?

I want to share with you four recent stories and how their impact caused me to examine my beliefs and ethics around my work. My client works in a bar. Recently one of the regular punters shouted in front of the whole bar ‘She looks 20 from behind, but just wait till she turns around, it’s a different story!’ I can only imagine how she felt. Relaying her story back, the lady went on to tell me she’s now booked to see a surgeon to discuss having a facelift. This has made me sad, really sad! I could actually fill up whilst writing this. I physically want to hunt this low life down and tell him, she’s not 20! She doesn’t want to be 20! She’s 45 and looks bloody amazing for it! This lady really is beautiful, both inside and out and at 45, in my opinion looks absolutely amazing. I just hope the surgeon sets her straight and sends her home. When someone is happy, outgoing and confident, why do those who feel insecure, or have low self-esteem issues try to make someone else feel the same? The world would be a better place, if instead they could work on their own internal issues, before trying to hurt another. Still the power of his negative words affected her. Then there’s the lady whose husband has had an affair with a woman who happened to be younger. This woman is stunningly beautiful. The affair should never question her beauty, but it does! It’s the first thing most women will question. Lets think about it, film stars who are referred...