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4 Simple Skincare Steps to Age Proof Your Skin

The most common question I get asked daily is: ‘ I’m confused! What should I be using on my skin to ensure I age well?’ I completely get why people are so confused! Knowing what I know it frustrates me that there are so many mixed messages out there and I completely get that it’s hard to know who or what to believe. Let me make it super simple for you in 4 quick steps. Step 1 – Removing Makeup and Dirt Remove your makeup at the end of the day only. Many people are over cleansing their skin! Over cleansing = over stripping, which causes a break down in the skins barrier and protective mechanisms. This breakdown results in sensitivity, ruddy complexions, skin that becomes confused, for instance too oily or too dry. This can result in outbreaks and premature ageing. You should choose a cleanser that’s helpful to the skin. A cleanser that’s formulated to removes makeup and grime safely, without causing harm. Avoid ingredients that contain mineral oil, fragrance, alcohol and emulsifiers. This can be difficult but my top pick is Dermaviduals cleansing milk. So gentle and supports the health of the skin Your skin should still be clean when you wake in the morning. No need to repeat cleanse, just rinse with plain water to freshen up. Step 2 – Protect This should be your first and one and only step for the day ahead, regardless of the weather. I recommend the use of a broad spectrum UVA UVB protector with an SPF rating 20 to 50. This should be applied to clean dry skin....