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My Story – Coming Out of The Spiritual Closet

I’m not sure if you remember? Around three months ago I sent out a quick video blog, talking about the changes I’d decided to make this year and the surprising, yet positive way it had begun to impact on other areas of my life. I was so amazed that at the time I wanted to share it with everyone. Last year from the outside everything looked great. I had a beautiful clinic, my business was growing steadily, I had two healthy children, a loving and supportive husband, but internally I felt terrible! I actually didn’t realise how bad I felt, until one day at work, as I was about to perform a procedure I’d carried out hundreds of times, I thought, I can’t do this anymore! My whole body started to shake and I wanted to sprint home there and then, pull the duvet over my head and cry! The best way I can describe it was like an intense flight or flight moment, only this time there was no tiger chasing me! The whole experience came completely out of the blue and unexpected. Luckily at the time, I was with one of my long-term clients, who I now class as a friend.  She helped calm me down and as she left, I somehow got through the rest of my day. With a full diary of clients booked in for the foreseeable future, I made an appointment with my GP. He advised it was anxiety through stress and offered me medication.  I didn’t take it (but more on that later).  He also decided to run a thyroid function test,...