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Give Yourself the Gift of Feeling Good

CLICK HERE TO BOOK YOUR 4 WEEK STRALA YOGA CLASS   We all want to feel good and I truly believe, as humans we’re meant to. Life is meant to be an amazing experience and adventure. When we’re happy and relaxed, there’s no better feeling. We’re inspired, creative and intuitive. Opportunities present themselves and life seems to flow with more ease and joy. In today’s society, many of us have become trapped in the mindset that life must be hard to achieve success, or anything meaningful. We’re taught to struggle and push on through to the other side. Many of us wind up burnt out, exhausted, unhappy and disillusioned. As a self-confessed perfectionist, much to my own detriment, I’ve been on the receiving end of severe burn-out coupled with anxiety on three occasions. Each time was gradually a little scarier than the last.  My first episode was in 2002 following emergency surgery and this was when I first began my personal development / spiritual journey. I would devour every book I could read and sample and experience different healing modalities.  I truly think it’s a life long journey.  Who doesn’t want to experience life as fully and joyously as possible? living to their full potential. In 2015 I experienced my third burn-out and this is when I had my biggest lightbulb moment to date. I discovered Strala Yoga and it changed EVERYTHING for me. My biggest revelation was learning that to feel good and achieve success and fulfilment, it actually works the opposite way. We do our best work when we’re relaxed and feel good. We’re more creative, intuitive...