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You’re not going mad – 9 simple steps you can take now to help you heal

This week here in the UK, we’ve seen the important topic of mental health being brought to light by Prince William and Harry.  The Heads Together Charity was the London Marathon 2017 charity of the year. Many of us have experienced, or know someone close to us who has struggled with their mental health in varying forms. I personally think the Royals did an amazing job in helping to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health, by opening up about their own battles following the loss of their mother, whilst being under the scrutiny of the public eye. People are often afraid of opening up when struggling mentally, through fear of judgement, stigma and prejudice. I truly believe we all need to encourage each other to talk openly about how we’re feeling, men, women and our children. Once we begin to open up the conversation, we often find that someone else feels, or has felt the exact same way.  Just knowing this makes us realise we’re actually more than normal and not alone. Not opening up can lead to fear that we’re the only ones who have ever felt this way.  This feeling of isolation and being left alone with our thoughts can cause them to compound.  Thoughts such as: Why do I feel like this? Am I abnormal for feeling like this? Am I going mad? What if they lock me up and throw away the key? What if I never get better or feel normal again? People will laugh at me if they know my thoughts I might not be accepted if I tell people how I feel...