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Introducing NEWA skin tightening device for home use

I’m pleased to announce the launch of NEWA to my clinic.  The radio frequency skin tightening device for home use and the only machine cleared for this purpose by the FDA in America.   How does it work?   3DEEP Skin Science uses radio frequency, a form of energy that has been used in medical and aesthetic treatments across the world for decades. It delivers this energy uniquely, in three controlled layers deep into the skin. The energy safely and comfortably generates heat in these deep layers to an optimum level, in order to: Stimulate the natural production of collagen Reinvigorate existing collagen Increase blood flow Promote healthy skin cell activity and renewal The result? Firmer, tighter skin with reduced wrinkles and a more radiant complexion. 3DEEP Skin Science is developed by the leading skin technology company EndyMed Medical. EndyMed Medical uses 3DEEP Skin Science technology in their in-clinic professional devices. 3DEEP Skin Science is supported by extensive clinical studies and endorsed and used by leading practitioners around the world. The NEWA 3DEEP technology is so advanced that you won’t get a more effective skin tightening treatment outside of a skin clinic. In fact, NEWA is the only home-use radiofrequency device cleared by the USA FDA for skin tightening.   Is NEWA suitable for me? Whether you’re in your late 20s, 40s or 60s, NEWA will change your skin and become your go-to beauty tool. NEWA stimulates the natural biological processes and is an outstanding, clinically proven treatment, perfect for those who want to reverse the ageing process and perfect for those who want to hold wrinkles at bay....