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5 reasons why your skin ages faster in winter and what you can do about it

Over the years various themes have sprung up in my practice. One that particularly stands out is between the months of October to March, I begin to see a sudden upsurge of people seeking help who are unhappy with the look of their skin. Common statements include:   “I suddenly feel like my skin has aged overnight” Or “My skin has gone really tight, red and sensitive” Below are 5 common reasons why this happens and simple steps you can take to rectify it.   Extreme temperature fluctuations. The skin’s a very clever organ and one of its important roles is to help regulate body temperature. When it senses a drop in temperature our blood vessels constrict, our hair stands on end and goose bumps appear to keep in the heat. Likewise when it’s hot our blood vessels dilate and we sweat to regulate the heat. In winter we’re constantly going from hot to cold and vice versa. Picture how hard the skin has to work!  Constantly on overdrive, adjusting to keep us in balance.   What you can do   Whilst there’s nothing you can do to change the outside temperature you can equip yourself to protect from the harsh elements (Discussed further in no 2) Wearing a scarf outside to add further facial protection can help, as can keeping the indoor heating temperature moderate. Most importantly when you wash your face, make sure the water temperature is luke warm. If the water is too hot or too cold it can confuse the skin further, making it work even harder and become more unbalanced.   Incorrect products for...

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