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Enzyme Peeling Mask


Composition: based on natural enzymes pineapple and papaya. These enzymes provide protein as well as lipid-degrading properties. The mask is a mixture of Kaolin and bentonite.

Properties: applying the enzyme peeling loosens and removes dead skin cells. this results in smaller pores, more even skin tone and an increased receptivity of products penetration. It protects against blocked pores, mila and pustules. Can be applied to face and other areas of bad skin such as backs.

Application : Mix 6 to 10 grams of mask powder with water to make a paste consistency. Using a brush or spatula apply abundantly to the face, neck or décolletage. keep the mask on for 20 minutes, combined with steam or moist compress. The mask should then be removed thoroughly with warm water. Gentle enough for sensitive type skins.

Ingredients : kaolin, Solum diatomae, Bentonite, Titanium dioxide, Carica papaya Extract. Ananas Sativus Extract.