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Melaclear Serum


Intense depigmenting care.

Designed to correct brown spots related to hyper pigmentation problems, sun exposure, melanoma and photosensitive reactions.

Can be used in conjunction with Genuine dermaroller home roller, Heliocare Gel and Heliocare XFGEL, Retriderm 0.5% and Retiderm 1%

Directions for use.

Must be applied twice daily on clean dry skin. it is recommended to wait 20 minutes before applying any other products and sunscreen.

Intense Depigmentation serum with L-Ascorbic acid 10%, Phytic acid 2% and specific ROS Modulator System.


Benefits of using a topical antioxidant

Natural ageing, ultravioloet UV damage and environmental factors affect the skin. Sun damage alone can cause wrinkles, change in skin texture, reduced elasticity and pigmentation (discolouration).
Free radicals – tiny unstable oxygen molecules naturally present in the environment, can cause further damage to the skin at cellular level.

By incorporating a topical antioxidant in to your daily routine you can protect and correct the signs of damage or ageing.