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Monday Strala Yoga class. 4 Week Course – Starts Monday 1st of May


Strala Yoga  – Relax 


4 week Course £32.00


Monday evenings :  13th March,  20th March, 27th March and 3rd April.


Venue: Aachen Hall, Skircoat Moor rd, Halifax, HX3 0HA.  Free onsite parking


 Time : 18.30 – 19.30 PM.


Limited to 20 places.


Please bring a mat and wear something comfortable.

12 in stock



The Strala practice of moving with ease puts you in the Centre process of self-care. You move how it feels good and linger where it feels good to linger, giving you space to rest. You’re encouraged to explore your own mind body connection, so you sensitize and feel in to what you truly need.

This level of presence and fluidity lets you tap in to your intuition, enabling you to realize what you need in advance and turn on your body’s natural relaxation response.

This helps you recharge, repair and self heal.

Keep practicing and you

• Release tension
• Increase confidence
• Creativity heightens
• Improved connection to self
• Internal state of space and joy
• Great physical strength and mobility range