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A natural procedure that actually works for Skin Rejuvenation

I’m always interested in natural ways to rejuvenate the skin, so for me micro needling was a must. The science behind how it works makes perfect sense to me with my medical background.

I’ve been performing micro needling treatments for nearly 6 years and although I admit it isn’t for those looking for a quick fix, if you’re patient and willing to make an investment in your skin, long term the results are well worth it. Even Jennifer Aniston is a big fan!

So what results can you expect?

  • Plumper thicker skin
  • More even skin colour and tone
  • Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduction of scarring and pigmentation

Micro needling isn’t a new fad, it’s actually been around for a long time. What’s advanced is the way the treatment is delivered. The most advanced way to micro needle the skin is electronically. In my clinic I use what’s known as the EDS system.

Why electronic?

  • It’s far more comfortable
  • The pen shape of the device makes it easier to get in to hard to reach areas, such as above the lip and under the eye.
  • Active agents can be penetrated into the skin simultaneously.
  • The depth of the needles can be altered in different areas of the face.

So how exactly does it work?

The skin is cleansed and numbed using a topical anaesthetic. Active agents,, such as hyaluronic acid are chosen and applied to the skin. The electronic device then glides over the skin in circular motions. The device produces thousands of micro medical needle columns in the skin, as each column penetrates the dermis of the skin. The columns will stimulate the skin to regenerate and repair, stimulating different skin cells and inducing collagen production.

How long does the procedure take and what’s the downtime?

The anaesthetic cream is applied around 30 minutes before and It takes around an hour to do a full face. You will want to lay low after, as the skin will look red. The redness will take up to 48 hours to subside.

Following this the skin will begin to dry up and marks from the procedure may still be visible. By day 6 and 7 the skin will return to normal. Makeup can be worn 12 hours after having the procedure done.

How long will it take to see results?

This procedure isn’t a quick fix. The results will still be happening 12 months on, in conjunction with using the right products. You will start to see changes beginning to happen at around 6 t o 8 weeks.

The treatment can be done individually, or for optimum results, a course of three, six weeks apart can be undertaken.


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