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Know Your Actives

Skin Concerns and Skin care specialist Gemma Montgomery

The Must Have Ingredients for Anti Ageing

To say I’m in love with my current range of bespoke skincare is an understatement. I love:

  • The versatility – The fact that I can tailor make highly concentrated creams and serums specifically for you and your skins needs.
  • The ethos – The range is based around, what’s termed Corneotherapy in the field of medicine. Very briefly this means, respecting that the skin barrier has a specific function in keeping our skin healthy and avoiding ingredients that can cause harm. Many harmful ingredients sadly are in most over the counter skincare products.
  • The quality – Although I have the freedom to tailor make each blend, the hard work has essentially been done by a very talented German doctor & chemist named Dr Hans Lautenschlager. Dr Han’s experience in chemistry dates back to 1977 and he has developed pharmaceutical actives for lipid metabolism disorders, inflammation, heart, blood and circulatory diseases.

Each active is specifically scientifically formulated for the skin and it’s penetration and is protected by patents.

This week I want to give you a brief outline and tell you about the common anti ageing actives I work with, what they do and how they benefit your skin.

Vitamin A (retinol)

Stimulates collagen formation, promotes regeneration, balances sebum production and promotes cell turnover. Overall resulting in tighter, brighter more radiant skin, with diminished lines and wrinkles. Can also help with acne and pigmentation problems

Vitamin C

Supports the formation of collagen. Increases the effects of other vitamins such as vitamin A and E and protects against free radicals. Helps to brighten and even the tone of the skin and add radiance.

Hyaluronic Acid liposome plus

A wonder product! Many Clients purchase this as a neat active alone to apply at night. As we age moisture levels drop significantly, making the skin lose elasticity and expose the signs of ageing. Its hydrating properties are immense. It creates an immediate reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and skin appears plumper, hydrated and smoother.
As someone who’s sensitive to breakouts, I can use this with no problem.

Linseed oil nanoparticle

An excellent source of alpha linolenic acid, which belongs to the omega 3 fatty acid family. Encapsulated in liposomes, enabling it to penetrate the skins barrier. No other product in the UK market offers this immediate, safe, positive treatment for all skins. Moisturises and smooth’s the skin. Nourishes, firms, brightens and softens the look of fine lines. A great anti-inflammatory it calms and reduces redness and sensitivity. Can be used on aged, mature, eczema and acne prone skins.

NMF complex

The main ingredient is serine, an amino acid. It has the ability to increase water absorption of the skin and seal in moisture.

Copper peptides

Increases speedier healing of the skin from skin damage. Plays an important role in reducing inflammation. A huge factor in ageing skin.

Co enzyme Q10

In people over 30 levels of co Q10 can decrease, resulting in a diminished ability to produce collagen, elastin and other important skin molecules. When exposed to the elements the skin may also be more prone to free radical damage. Being a small molecule coQ10 can penetrate easily into the skin cells, helping to repair and regenerate. An excellent choice for mature skin. It also has the ability to improve the effects of other vitamins, when given in conjunction


The main ingredient is frankincense. It inhibits metalloproteinases, which induces collagen breakdown. It is also an excellent anti inflammatory when caring for those with barrier-disordered skin.


So there you have it! Some of the main active anti aging staples. And it doesn’t stop there. The range also includes actives for sensitivity, acne, pigmentation and rosacea.

On a final note, remember it’s the actives that make a huge difference to the look and feel of the skin.

Thank you for reading.

In my online store you will find some ready made anti ageing active blends. These are available in serum or cream form. For the utmost concentration I recommend a serum you can use at night., serums are available in 2 sizes. 15 ml and 50.

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