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No two skins are the same! Why would their cream be?

For those of you who read my last feature, I explained how using creams and cleansers with the wrong ingredients could actually age your skin, cause or aggravate skin problems.

Dermaviduals Base Creams available from Gemma Montgomery Skin

Dermaviduals Base Creams

Quick recap

Your skin is naturally very clever and designed to protect and keep you healthy. Using incorrect products with harmful ingredients can interfere with the natural skin cycle, leading to a break down in the skin’s defenses causing:

– Premature ageing
– Uneven skin tone
– Sensitivity
– Pigmentation
– Increase in dryness or oil

Problem 1

Many over the counter creams, whether purchased from a supermarket, high street or designer store don’t contain ingredients potent enough to penetrate the skin and make a real difference. If they did they would be prescription based.


This is where medical grade products, also known as cosmeceuticals can make a real difference. This type of skin care is prescribed or given under the direction of your medical practitioner (me!)

Problem 2

Many creams are mixed with unhelpful skin ingredients, such as emulsifiers, perfumes and preservatives, to name a few. This confuses your poor skin and sadly undoes any good that may have been done.

Let me give you an example

You wake up and jump in the shower. When dried, your skin feels tight, so you reach for your daily moisturiser. You apply and your skin feels instantly soothed and nourished. During the day the skin begins to feel tight again and you reach for your cream. This could be face, hand or body cream. The cream isn’t helping your dryness, it’s causing it!

Known as the wash out effect, if your cream contains emulsifiers, it’s acting like a Band-Aid. The emulsifier coats the skin, sitting on the surface, making it feel temporary plumped, nourished and hydrated. When you come to wash your face, on contact with water, the emulsifier sticks to the natural oils and lipids in your skin pulling them out! This wrecks that lovely natural protective barrier and so the cycle of moisturiser dependency continues.



Dermaviduals Bespoke Range

I hunted high and low to find a range that addressed all concerns. After testing on clients, my family and my own temperamental skin, I knew it was a range I had to have. Endorsed by world leading skin educators and experts, the range is described as a cream for your skin, not your senses. You won’t find the range available in the high street or the internet due to it’s exclusivity and you’ll never find it linked to celebrity endorsement like many well known brands rely on.

Following yeas of research, the range is formulated to be chemically and physically similar to the natural membrane and structure of the skin. You can be assured the creams are nasty free, so it works with your skin, not against it.

It’s really simple. There are 3 different bases to choose from; choice of base depends upon your skin type.

Classic base – For an oily skin type
High classic base – For a normal to dry skin type
High Classic plus base – For a more mature drier skin

The base alone will take care of 90% of the skins needs

The Actives

This is where the beauty of this range is really showcased.

After choosing your base there’s a choice of 29 different actives that can be added to it, examples include:
Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Hyaluronic acid, Copper peptides, CM glucan, Linseed, Avocado, Kiwi, green tea, co enzyme q10, butchers broom, to name a few… Each active is scientifically formulated to penetrate the skin easily.

I can pick your combination of actives to drop in to your base after assessing your skin condition and concerns. The ingredients are then hand blended for you, to deliver your own bespoke cream.

For your convenience I’ve put together some common blends, which you’ll find in my online shop, blends for ageing, sensitivity, pigmentation and acne. You can always book in for a consultation or give me a call, where I can discuss what active blends would suit you best.

To start with I recommend purchasing the base on it’s own. You’ll find this listed in my shop under Active free blends. This is so your skin can adjust to the new emulsifier free composition before introducing new ingredients.
Remember your own skin changes throughout the year, so too will your blend!

Some of my clients choose to use the Dermaviduals active free base on it’s own as their daily moisturizer. They then purchase retinols, vitamin C’s and other active topical skin care separately. Again these are all listed in my online shop, there’s no right or wrong way to do it.

To wrap up, what changes can you expect with Dermaviduals?

  • A healthier looking skin canvas
  • A better base for potent skin topicals to work
  • Long lasting protection of the skin
  • Increase in smoothness
  • Better skin hydration

When changing to this range, the skin may feel temporary dryness for a few days, followed by smooth porous skin. Positive changes can be seen after 3 days.