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Specialising in Non-Surgical

Skin Treatments

Introducing The Perfect A

As you probably know by now, I only entertain the use of products on my clients with superior, quality ingredients, that are researched and proven for their effectiveness. With skincare, it’s vital to understand that all skins differ, so what suits one, may not suit another.

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Skin Hydration & Glow Juices

I’m still shocked when I come across those who believe that what we fuel our body with, has no correlation with how we look on the outside, and more importantly, how we think and feel on the inside.

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The 5 Most Common Botox® Misconceptions

Botox® injections will only work on wrinkles in motion. In other words, lines that appear when you frown, smile, or raise your eyebrows. If you look in the mirror and can see visible lines when your face is rested and not expressing, then you have static lines. Botox® will not get rid of these type of lines, only at best soften.

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Introducing Our New Skincare Programs

Our new skincare programs bring together our entire range of handpicked favorite products into specific step-by-step home care programmes specifically aimed at delivering visible results when treating your skin concern.

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Light Medical Skin Peels

This week I want to show you a video of one of my lovely clients undertaking a light medical skin peel.

Light peels are a great way to freshen up the skin, improving radiance, tone and texture. I like to think of them as an essential part of skin maintenance, the same way you would a facial. This is because these type of peels can be undertaken frequently throughout the year.

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