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You Are What You Eat

Gemma Montgomery Skin. Skin Care specialist.

The forever living range

On a daily basis I’m asked what foods and nutritional supplements are beneficial for the skin. I’m fortunate to have extensive health promotional knowledge with my nursing background and I can easily answer this question based in an ideal world. Ideal days where mornings are carefree, instead of 100mph with school runs and long busy commutes to work. Our days can be so full that many of us barely have time to brush our hair, put on a little makeup and make nourishing food from scratch.

In The ideal skin day we’d awake refreshed after 8-10 hours undisturbed sleep to a cup of hot water and lemon, moving on to exercise to reduce stress levels and improve our feeling of well being for the day ahead. This would be finished off with a fresh green cold pressed juice. Throughout the day we’d eat an abundance of colourful, fresh fruits and vegetables, good fats to plump and hydrate the skin such as oily fish, avocados, olives, almonds, along with seeds, pulses and lentils. At night we’d apply the correct active ingredients to our skin.

Although I do think it’s achievable to incorporate elements of this into our week, sticking to it religiously every day with such busy lives can feel unobtainable, I do this for a living but running a business with 2 kids, I struggle! Disappointment kicks in and we easily slip back to our old food habits.

In the past I’ve pointed clients down the route of supplementing with vital skin nutrients in the form of non-food synthetic vitamins, via the health food store. At times this has felt uncomfortable, as I’m big believer in getting nutrients direct from the food source but know the way we cook our foods can destroy vital nutrients and how they’re absorbed

So I needed a solution! –My mission was to find a high quality nutritional range for my clients to treat their skin and overall health internally as well as externally, based around natural food sources and super foods. It had to be of the upmost quality, as pure as possible and free from contamination. Ultimately it had to be fantastic for ageing, skin and health.

After 12 months of searching I finally found it and here’s the low down!

The range is called Forever Living and has been established since 1978. It is now a multi-billion dollar company supplying wellness products around the world in over 175 different countries.

There are many different nutritional aspects to the forever range, but a large focus of the company is on Aloe Vera, particularly in the form of Aloe gel drinks.

In my opinion, what sets this company apart is the quality of their drinks and products. For instance they have their own Aloe Vera plantations in the USA and Dominican Republic, meaning they have full control over their processes. The plants are organically grown and the gel is derived from plants at least 4 years old, filleted and unadulterated. This cultivation and cold compression means no vital nutrients are lost. The result being 100% stabalised Aloe Vera gel.

Each product is fresh, made only weeks before arriving at your door. The company also holds the Aloe council science seal of approval. A mark recognized for purity and strength.

What nutrients does Aloe Gel contain?

Over 75nutrients have been identified so far. Some of these include:

Minerals – calcium, sodium, iron, potassium, chromium, magnesium, zinc, manganese and copper.

Vitamins – Particularly anti oxidant A,C,E, Bvitamins and B12.

Amino acids – The building blocks for protein. 22 are required by animals, and 8 have to be diet induced to prevent deficiency. 20 are found in the Aloe, including 8 essentials.

Anthraquinones – Anitimicrobial agents, protecting against bacteria, virus, fungi and yeasts and aiding gut motility.

Enzymes – To help with food absorption

Salicylic acid – a natural antiseptic, anti inflammatory and exfoliator

Fatty acids – Plant sterols., anti inflammatory and analgesic.

Sugars – A group known as ACEMANNAN which boost immunity levels through blood cells and antiviral.

What benefits can you expect from drinking Aloe Vera Gel?

  1. The body functioning at 100% creating a feeling of well being
  2. Stronger healthier skin, appearing more plump and elastic as the skin cells are being fed with the correct nutrients in order to do their job properly.
  3. Better digestion. The bowel can absorb nutrients better and stools are easier to pass.
  4. Healthier joints mobility and flexibility
  5. Better immune protection. In fact the sugar has already been extracted from the Aloe in the USA and made in to a drug

When should I start to feel some benefits?

Some people will be able to see the benefits before 6 weeks. The company urges a trial of at least 3 months. And to aid confidence they offer a 60 day money back guarantee.

What other nutritional products are available?

There are far too many to list in one go, but here are some examples:

Bee pollen – Free from artificial colours and preservatives, bee pollen contains more nutrients per calorie than any other nutritional supplement. In fact humans could survive on bee pollen alone with just the addition of water and fibre.

Pomsteen powder – A powerful anti oxidant. A blend of pomegranate, pear, mangosteen, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry and grapeseed

Argi + – An amino acid so powerful its often referred to as a miracle molecule. It helps relax blood vessels improving Circulation. Great for blood pressure, CV health, immunity, muscle and bone function, sexual function, anti ageing plus more. Forever Living’s Argi + has gained the approval of a Nobel prize winning scientist, as the purist and best on the market.

Multi Maca – An edible root, cultivated in the Peruvian highlands. The women of south America have used this for thousands of years to maintains stamina, increase libido and help with fertility. Also known as the sex herb.

Active HA – Hyaluronic acid with ginger oil and turmeric for increased skin hydration and strength and lubrication of muscle and joints.

A beta carotene – For healthy skin, hair, nails and eyes.

Arctic Sea – A blend of Omega 3 and 9’s for circulation, eyes and brain health.

Lycium plus – A fruit grown in china known for it’s general anti ageing properties and complexion booster.

Field of greens – A combination of young green barley sprouts, alfalfa, wheat grass and cayenne. Did you know it’s claimed a 1b of wheatgrass is the equivalent nutritional value to 20 1b of vegetables.

Garninia – From the fruit of a south Asian tree, it boosts metabolic rate and inhibits an enzyme which converts calories to fat.

Garlic-thyme – A powerful anti bacterial for the bloodstream, bowels and skin. anti clotting, cleans out fatty cholesterol deposits

Weight Management

Clean 9

This is the most popular and effective forever product for weight management.
Clean 9 is a 9 day cleanse that puts you on the path to a cleaner, happier you. This easy to follow 9 day programme is an ideal way to kick starts weight loss, ideal if you want to continue with a healthy eating and exercise plan or if you have an important event coming up and want quick results. It rids the body of unnatural chemicals. Read the rave reviews for yourself on Google.

Nutri lean

An optional following on from the clean 9. It will aid your body to naturally cleanse, whilst burning stored fat cells and teach you how to maintain your desired weight. This will help you develop good life long habits for lifelong weight management and good health.


Forever do a range of skincare products, but I am happy with what I currently advise my patients to use topically. I have used the deodorant and will continue to do so, as it is aluminum free.

To purchase any of the forever-living range of nutritional products or for further information, please click on the following link. This webpage is unique to me. You will see my distributer details at the top of the menu bar. Alternatively you can place an order with me in clinic, or directly over the phone.

If you would like to come on board and be part of my Forever Living Team, please contact me.


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