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I have used Gemma Montgomery for aesthetic treatments for the last 2 years. I genuinely can’t fault her in any way! Your face is such a personal and public part of you , that you can’t afford for mistakes to be made. I completely entrust Gemma in carrying out all the treatments she undertakes. Infact, I would go as far to say; that I would indeed be lost without her! All of her results are amazing. Gemma has always proved to be honest, non- judemental, sensitive and informative with each of the treatments she has carried out on me. The creative and aesthetic skill Gemma demonstrates is outstanding, and her inter-personal skills make each of your treatments a relaxing and easy going experience. I was terrified before attending my first appointment with Gemma, fear of the un-known and fear of my face looking un-balanced and the possibility of it looking worse, when my aim was to make it look better!! If this is you, then rest assured Gemma will make you appreciate yourself again. She works wonderfully and subtly on all imperfections. I honestly could not commend any aesthetic practitioner more!

C.W, halifax

I had a frown line on my forehead that I was very self concious about but was put off Botox due to my fear of needles, but Gemma was amazing. I’ve had treatment a few times now and never once have I felt a needle or had any marks! The results are amazing and my frown line has gone. I just wish I’d been to see Gemma years ago!

M.A, Halifax

Thanks Gemma for the excellent work you have done for me. I am very pleased with the results. Your kindness and friendly approach always put me at ease.

Pam, Halifax

I met Gemma almost 2 years ago. After trying out various high end cosmetic clinics, I picked up one of Gemma’s leaflets for non-surgical treatments and never looked back. Her knowledge and professionalism are second to none. Her work ethic is driven by the desire to fully understand individual, specific needs, to ensure each client is provided with the right treatment for them. Gemma listens and understands what results I am aiming to achieve with every treatment and can always rely on her complete honesty and competent advice. We work through together the pros and cons and discuss what would work best for me. Gemma takes great pride in her work which is very much reflected in the fantastic results I get from every treatment. Being in a position to compare to compare service, treatment results and prices, I can honestly say, for me, personally, Gemma is a real find and would never consider having any of the non-surgical treatments elsewhere. Now I can put myself in expert hands I fully trust and regularly maintain a youthful look, at prices I can afford. Gemma I genuinely cannot praise you enough and would wholeheartedly recommend anyone to look no further.

A.K, Halifax

Gemma is THE person to go to for any skin treatments or advice. She stocks a wide range of products, all tried and tested by herself so you know you can trust that the products are good quality. Thank you for the fab skin peel!

K.H, Halifax

I would highly recommend Gemma. As a customer i felt that she could relate to my concerns, and was very knowledgeable and friendly. I was extremely happy with my results! And i will definitely continue to go to Gemma.

L.P, Halifax

Thank q once again for my Botox Hun! And ur new place is amazing it’s going to be perfect just like u ! thoughts become things!! Always xxx

B.B, Halifax

Gemma is outstanding, professional and extremely amazing at what she does x

E.H.T, Halifax

Over the past 20 years I have struggled with my skin and spent a fortune on branded products that caused constant breakouts. I started skin consultations with Gemma back in July and I can honestly say my skins never been better; I’m amazed with the results. She has taught me just how simple skincare really is and I dont have to spend so much money to achieve nice looking skin. I love the fact that Gemma cares so much and wants the best for her clients. I always leave my consultations with a big smile on my face, Gem I cannot thank you enough for the skin confidence I now have could not recommend you enou

Louise Mitchell

Gemma is very professional and friendly, highly recommend xxx

Georgia Moir-Barik

After years of spending a fortune on ‘designer’ products for my skin… two visits to Gemma, and I’m using 3 products a day for less than 1/3 of what I’ve spent in the past…. fantastic service, beautiful centred consultant … couldn’t ask for more .. thanks Gemma xx

Tracy Butterworth Halifax

Fantastic wrinkle reduction treatment! Gemma is so professional whilst being ethical, honest and down to earth. Highly recommend! xx

Lyndsey Whitaker Manchester

Lovely lady lovely products lovely atmosphere. All in all 5 star.Cant wait to go again.xxxx

Vicky Gibson Halifax

Simply amazing, my skin has never been as clear . Happy xx

Ceri Bakes Halifax

Fantastic professional service with great advice given.

Dawn Hartley Hebden Bridge

Where dreams become reality!! if you’ve ever dreamt of amazing skin Gemma is the person to see she’s very professional at what she does and always gives outstanding results

Cheryl Bilsborrow Lytham

Brilliant love your products and Gemma is so good at what she does

Glenda Robertson Halifax

Wouldn’t be without her xx

Vicky Queenan Halifax

Gemma was lovely… Really easy to talk to and very professional! I now have amazing skin…something I’ve not had for years! Thanks Gemma x

Charli Farrar

Gemma is outstanding, professional and extremely amazing at what she does xx

Emma Heath Brighouse

Fantastic service. Very professional and knowledgeable on all aspects of treatments offered and undertaken. Very pleased with end result.

Sharon Grimsdale Halifax

Excellent, very professional! Convenient place to go! Very flexible on times!

Stacey Oldfield Huddersfield

Very professional assessment of my skin and excellent product knowledge.

Jo-Anne Beresford Leeds

Gemma did me a face peel which has transformed my skin. After being pregnant and now being a busy mum my skin was lifeless and bottom of the priority order for a long time.. I neglected it and it showed. The peel has brought my skin to life, it feels refreshed and more even. Gemma is always so professional and I trust her recommendations for treatments and products. Thanks Gemma I’m starting to feel more like me again .

Kelly Uttley Castelford

I have been seeing Gemma for about 5 years now.. and it was the best Google search I ever did! Finding Gemma saved my face! Problematic skin whatever the complaint in today’s society can really get you down.. Gemma’s knowledge, expertise, honesty and commitment to her craft has enabled me and many others to get my confidence back and self esteem, not just on a physical level, but also mentally. Whatever your complaint big or small you will be in the safest of hands and would 1 million percent recommend to anyone who is suffering with Acne, Rosacea, Pigmentation or any other complaint for that matter! Keep up the excellent work xx

Joanne Washington Halifax

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